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How Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) protection clothing actually works

Many experts say that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation – such as mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi radiation and 5G – can be harmful to our long-term health.

If that’s true, what can we do about it?

Whether you are a biohacker, interested in holistic health and leading a holistic lifestyle, highly sensitive person or other targeted individual, EMR protection clothing would likely come up in your Google search on how to live a healthier life with alternative medicine in the age of EMR.

But does EMF protection clothing actually work? And if so, how?

EMF proof clothing reduces radiation when you wear it

Electromagnetic shielding clothing protects you from potentially harmful radiation. In fact, SHIELD’s apparel blocks over 99% of electromagnetic frequencies that range from 10MHz to 6GHz and 35 to 80dB. With clothing that is antimicrobial and antiodor, has high screening attenuation, blocks 5G, high and low frequencies and is washable and highly durable, our clothing is proven to reduce electromagnetic waves and radiation.

To dig into the science of it with an example, 5G radiation is the fifth generation of mobile network used across the world, and it uses multiple low and high frequencies. Right now, that is about 700MHz in an average city. SHIELD’s shielding silver fabric blocks frequencies from 10 MHz to 6GHz and 35 to 80dB. That range includes the frequency emitted by 5G, and much higher and potentially harmful frequencies.

So, EMF proof clothing does provide EMF protection from 5G, and many other frequencies within that range, just by wearing a shirt, a hat, some underwear or a cool pair of shoes.

It’s all in the silver

Silver has numerous health properties with proven benefits throughout the ages and in many cultures. It is a powerful antimicrobial agent that aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing and even skin care. Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and blood circulation. When applied in the right quantity and manner, silver also provides EMF protection from radiation emitted from devices like cell phones or Wi-Fi routers.

EMF shielding clothing works because of the certified and tested shielding silver fabric inside, with premium shielding effectiveness, protecting wearers from frequencies ranging from attenuation of 35 dB to 80 dB, and a shielding range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz and beyond. Using silver fibers means that only 0.1% of high frequency radiation can penetrate the shielding silver fabric. Silver is commonly used for making anti-radiation cloth, active wear or even home textiles.

Silver fibers contain positively charged silver ions that create a conductive field and thus reflect electromagnetic radiation away from the body, much like a mirror reflecting light. It is like a Faraday cage, or an enclosure used to block EMF, named after scientist Michael Faraday circa the 1830s. Silver also inhibits bacterial growth, so it is antimicrobial and therefore keeps you healthy, clean and odor free.

While EMF shielding products are not medical devices or an items that can cure, treat or prevent any illness or condition, in this case they are ordinary clothing items with extraordinary EMF shielding abilities. And, it’s all soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear.

At SHIELD, we incorporate silver into our radiation blocking clothing – in fact, we use it as the middle layer of our popular hats – and some products (such as radiation blocking undergarments and other anti-radiation clothing) are made entirely out of the combination of silver and cotton fibers.

Fun fact if you’re keeping up with the science behind EMF protective clothing: silver’s Surface Electric Resistance, or conductivity, is <10 Ω/inch.

The four As of silver

The benefits of wearing silver in EMF protective clothing are plenty – it is helpful to think of them in four ways. Or, four As (see what we did there?).


Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body, much like a mirror reflects light. This field stimulates your body’s existing conductivity, improving blood circulation, temperature balance and general healing.


Due to the highly conductive silver and its antistatic character, it eliminates the static electricity caused by friction.


Silver is a natural antimicrobial. That means that microbes – germs – cannot survive in the presence of silver ions. Silver ions released from the surface of silver molecules are harmless for people, but lethal to menacing microbes.

All natural

Silver is an all-natural shield that also helps with internal heat regulation and blood circulation. Silver has a proven track record as a natural, powerful antimicrobial agent that fights infections and aids in cold and flu prevention, wound healing and more.

One thing is for certain – EMF protective clothing is not just an upgraded version of a tin foil hat for sale. Our clothing is stylish, comfortable, well-fitting, high quality and actually reflects electromagnetic waves for your health.

Put it to the test

In a simple test using our popular EMF shielding hat, we demonstrate exactly how our EMR clothing works. We used a certified EMF meter with directional and isotropic antenna on a Wi-Fi router covered with an EMF shielding hat – and Wi-Fi radiation did not stand a chance. The hat shielded the radiation from the router and the antenna could not pick up on any waves.

A SHIELD hat would be an EMR shield for your noggin’ in the same way, preventing radiation from affecting you significantly.

Every signalproof hat contains the special shielding silver fabric on the inner layer to ensure the best radiation blocking and is simultaneously antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti odor and antistatic.

Cheaper materials such as copper or steel just do not last as long as silver or have the same biohacking type of features.

Talk about a quality hat! Check out the third party test on the SHIELD signalproof t-shirt.

Myths and murmurs

When we dig in to EMF shielding products, the science behind them and how electromagnetic shielding clothing actually works, it is important to note that the conversation is not all sunshine and silver. The tech-fashion market is developing, we are all still learning and everyone has questions.

Some wonder – can you measure the signalproof efficiency of EMF shielding clothing using a cell phone? Cell phone radiation may not be the most effective way to test protective clothing. It takes time for a cell phone to realize it is losing signal, you cannot really judge the status of the meter you are using to measure the waves when you are pulling your phone out from under the clothing constantly, and signal strength varies depending on your location. The only reliable way to test apparel is with certified measuring instruments or EMF consultants. There’s also an app for that.

Others ask – does EMF protective clothing need to be grounded? No, it does not. Faraday cage works without ground connection, even with a hat. Signals are not amplified without an earth bond, either.

A few speculate whether or not the clothing increases a chance of being struck by lightning – it absolutely does not. You will not have a Harry Potter-style scar anytime soon.

And while it’s true that EMR shielding apparel cannot completely cover your body against signals (without wearing a bodysuit from your head to your toes!), you can at least shield the important parts with durable headwear, clothing, underwear and footwear, and other certified and tested EMF protection products on the market.

Try SHIELDing yourself

We have talked a lot about how electromagnetic radiation clothing works to provide protection against potentially harmful cellphone radiation, Wi-Fi radiation, 5G and other frequencies that we encounter every day.

If you are looking to try EMF protective clothing, SHIELD boasts stylish and comfortable signalproof apparel, and we are funded via Kickstarter. Our apparel is certified and tested to reduce electromagnetic waves and radiation. It is infused with shielding silver fabric, ensuring that signals are hundreds of times lower inside the apparel, using only certified and high-quality materials.

We are pioneering the tech-fashion market with the most functional apparel of the 21st century. Our apparel allows everyone an accessible and fashionable option to SHIELD themselves from Wi-Fi pollution and radiation. We ship worldwide, our customer support is incredibly friendly if you have questions, and our EMF consultants are always available.

In terms of product selection, we have EMR protection clothing available for people of all ages. You can choose from a range of hats including beanies and baseball caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, underwear, sneakers and even glasses or a cell phone pouch. Our hats are the most popular (try the flagship beanie if you are in doubt) and we have beanies for kids, too.

SHIELD is also an affordable brand on the market for radiation protection, with simple and trendy styles. If you are still skeptical, or you are truly looking to protect yourself and your long-term health from potentially harmful radiation, one thing is clear: our clothing is scientifically proven to reduce radiation, and it is ultimately unique, cool and worth a buy.

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