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My beanie just arrived here at Google UK! Thanks guys!
Joao, UK
I received my cap today in the USA. It is much higher quality than I expected. It wears well and looks great.
Jonathan, USA
Today on the road from work i have picked up my reward and I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of baseball caps as well as Beanie hat which is for my girlfriend Veronika and i believe that she will be pleasantly surprised :)
Miroslav, Slovakia
I’ve just received the beanie and it the winter just ended here in Norway. And I was curious if you got any extra snapback caps leftover that I could purchase as an extra? :) No worries if you’re out. Just wondering if it’s possible.
Espen, Norway


The classic and the most universal one. It`s made of silver and high quality cotton which guarantees warmth in winter and a pleasant feeling during warmer days or in the room temperature. And it`s signalproof.

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We are starting with two types of cap. The popular snapback and the classic baseball cap. The signalproof fabric is sewn inside with such precision that it can not even be seen.

Pre-Order Is Closed

Stylish & Comfortable SignalProof Hats That Incredibly Fit And Reflect Electromagnetic Waves. Now Available For Pre-Order!


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What should you know? (FAQ)

The answer is: barely. Dots or ticks on signal indicator are not accurate and each phone model reacts differently. It takes also a longer time until the phone realizes that he is losing the signal. The next problem is that you can not see the reaction of your phone inside the hat. If you put it in and then you pull it out you will not see the real status of the indicator. You would have to be inside the hat with your phone. It`s like testing the waterproof bag under the water. You simply can`t open the bag under the water to check if it is dry. And also the signal strength varies and depends on where you are. If you are very close to the emitter or antenna, then your signal indicator will maybe not drop. The thing is that the hat can`t reduce signals completely, but it reduces them to minimum and they have almost no effect on you. The only reliable way how to test the hat is with certified measuring instruments. We did it as you can see in the video above or you can do it by yourself in these places. Signal strength in the hat is hundreds of times lower than outside.
We are not saying that it`s proved or we should be scared. And the truth is that there is no official evidence that signals cause something. But there are many studies and plenty of documentaries which are dealing with this topic. And without the wind, the grass does not move. If you want to know more about this issue, here is the list of studies.
Yes it works thanks to the special silver shielding fabric inside. It has shielding effectiveness 55dB-65dB from 10 MHz to 4 GHz. Silver is also antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiodor and antistatic. Generally it can`t completely protect your head against signals because it should be covered from the top to the bottom. The shielding fabric is tested and it blocks High Frequency & Low Frequency electromagnetic radiation.
No. Faraday cage works also without ground connection regarding the hat. And signals are not amplified without earth bond.
If you are thinking about signals that come through other parts of head and hit the inside of the reflective cap, then pass back through the brain a second time or stay inside and multiply their power, then you have to know that it is ridiculous. The signal is not a bullet and the hat is not an amplifier. It`s like giving a question, “why do i feel cold in my winter jacket, it was supposed to protect me against cold and it comes through my sleeves, top and bottom parts.” Nothing is one hundred percent and everything depends on other factors. But in any case, you are not going to freeze in that winter jacket. The frequency of signals inside the hat is very very low and is also decreased by your skin, bones and water in the tissue.
Our hat is not the improved version of “tin foil hat”. It`s inspired by actual situation and studies. Until now, we`ve known the waterproof, windproof or dustproof feature. Now it`s time to introduce the signaproof feature into fashion. Shield is more beautiful, comfortable and sophisticated hat than tin foil hat.

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